$25,000 on Restaurants & Small Business? How to Maximize the AmEx Platinum Sign Up Bonus



So, you did it! You signed up for the amazing AmEx Platinum offer through Rezy which can be worth up to half a million membership reward points. But now what? In order to maximize the value, you have to be strategic about your spending…and there is a lot of spending to be doing. Here is how I plan to maximize this opportunity.


Home Improvement Project

First on the list is a home improvement project I’ve been putting off. I have a custom tile shower that is in need of major repairs. Although I often think that I can do anything, I’m going to leave this to the pros. Luckily the company I am planning to use is listed on American Express’s Small Business Map. 


Expensive Hobby

In 2019 I checked “Ironman” off my bucket list. The Ironman consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, & 26.2-mile marathon. This year my wife will be joining me as she checks it off her bucket list. For the last several years, we have been doing this hobby “on the cheap” with nearly 8-year-old inexpensive road bikes. We decided early on, if we stick with triathlons, then we will upgrade to a triathlon-specific bike. These bikes cost between $3,000-15,000. We will stick to the lower end but anticipate spending about $10,000. By purchasing our bikes at a local bike shop we will be getting 15X points! That at least dulls the sticker shock a bit.


Date Nights

My wife and I have three amazing kids, including a now 15-year-old. Having a kid old enough to babysit younger siblings has led to more frequent date nights…which is amazing! Between date nights & family outings, we probably spend around $500 a month at restaurants. 


Explore A New Place

Although no travel plans are certain in early 2022, we have plans to travel domestically for spring break and two medical conferences over the next 6 months. I anticipate spending a couple of thousand dollars at restaurants and small businesses if these trips take place. 


Small Businesses are Everywhere

Take a look at your recent credit card statements and cross-reference the AmEx small business map. You may be surprised to find that many of the places you shop at regularly are considered small businesses. Even many places that seem like large businesses are franchises and the individual store is considered an independent small business. Even if it is not listed on the website, you can test out a small purchase and see how it is coded. If AmEx codes it as small business and gives you 15X, then this is the card to use for future visits. 

My strategy is to maximize the American Express Platinum Rezy sign-up bonus by spending $25,000 at restaurants and small businesses. 

Home Improvement – $7,000


Triathlon Bikes – $10,000


ReStaurants – $3,000


Conference/Vacation – $2,000


Regular Expenses -$3,000


This information was independently collected by FlyFreeMD. The issuer did not provide the details and is not responsible for their accuracy. We strive to provide accurate information at the time of writing, however please confirm the details with the card issuer prior to applying.