AmEx Platinum Airline Fee Credit Pays for Sub-$99 Southwest Tickets

$200 Airline Fee Credit

The AmEx Platinum offers a $200 Airline Fee Credit Annually. Importantly, this is based on the calendar year. By obtaining your platinum near the end of the year you can “Triple Dip” on the benefit. For example, I obtained my Platinum card late Dec 2021. Acting quickly, I was able to use the benefit before the end of the year. I’ll also have a $200 credit for 2022 and $200 in Jan 2023, before the next annual fee is due. I can then decide to renew the card or not AFTER taking advantage of this and other benefits. 

What Fees CouNT?

The offer states that the credit is meant to offset “incidental fees” such as baggage fees, wifi, food and beverages in flight. It technically isn’t supposed to cover tickets, upgrades or gift cards. However, on Southwest (and possibly other) airlines, tickets under $99 are often reimbursed by AmEx through this benefit. 

To use the benefit, you must enroll on the AmEx website and designate an airline. All the major domestic airlines are available and you can change your designated airline at a later date. Note, choosing an airline only impacts these benefit and you still get other benefits on non-designated airlines.

Fly or Not

The credit posted within a couple of days. The nice thing about southwest tickets, is that they are fully refundable. That is one of the reasons Southwest is one of my favorite airlines. If I decide to make the trip, great, if not, I’ll have 2021’s $200 to use on a future Southwest flight. 


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