Fly Free MD Podcast Episode 1: Welcome to the Game!



Welcome to the first episode of the Fly Free MD Podcast. Today we go over the reason points and miles exist. Credit card companies charge a fee to retailers for each transation. These fees are built into the price of the goods and services you buy. No matter how you pay, you are paying these fees. They use several incentives to try to get you to use their card. One of the best incentives, are points and miles. Luckily, if you take them up on the offer to gain points and miles, you can come out ahead, you can win the game! 


Why the medical community is set up to win the points and miles game: 4:40

The game: 8:20

Why credit card companies give points and miles: 10:40

Whats in it for Airlines and Hotels? 18:15

Points > Cashback: 20:00

Sign up bonuses: 20:50

How to WIN the game: 22:30

Charles Schwab $101 brokerage bonus: 25:40